Traditional Telephone Wiring










Customer owned wiring

We can provide extensions and shifts of single or multiple phone lines at both domestic and commercial premises. We also offer a tidy up service where we can remove, re-secure or re-route existing wiring. If you are unsure whether or not the wiring in question belongs to you or to Openreach (BT) feel free to call us for advice.

Repair of internal faults

Are you having a problem with your phone line, and have tried reporting it to your provider, only to be told that the fault is with your wiring/equipment and if they send an engineer out there will be a hefty call charge. Well we have 10 years BT/Openreach experience and can deliver the same services at a fraction of the cost.

Event cabling and management

We can provide all of your onsite cabling and system requirements to meet the needs of exhibitions and events. We will provide a simple and effective network, that links up with Openreach or Virgins main network, and delivers to multiple locations around the site, whether in marquees or stalls.













Services Summary

We can provide a vast array of telecommunication services, ranging from repairing a single phone line in a domestic property to providing a phone system for large businesses. Below are some of the traditional wiring services we offer. If you are interested in a phone system, please selct "Phone Systems" from the menu on your left.

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