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 Broadband problems

Have you been having problems with your Broadband service dropping connection or running very slow? Frustrated at trying to get your Service Provider to sort it for you? Then let us carry out our Broadband Doctor service. We have been involved with Broadband provision and repair since its roll out in South West London and Surrey (10 years ago). We carry out a service plan proving and rectifying the cause of the issue.

Home/Office Networks

We can network anything from a couple of computers at home to a business with tens of users. We can provide either a wired, wireless or a hybrid of the two, tailoring the service to meet your needs.


Home/Office Computing

Are you buying new computers or moving premises? Let us take the hassle and stress out of the setting up your computers. We can also source new machines to meet your specification. We then simply arrive on the agreed date, set everything up, and ensure you are working before we leave. We can also provide users with a tutorial as well, the complete service.


Solution Summary

We can provide a wide variety of Broadband and computing services, ranging from diagnosing a problem with your broadband service, to providing a network for your computers.

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